Special Baby Moments with Baby Tutu

Baby tutu and baby turban are those beautiful things that will enhance your baby moments. Baby moments are amazing like most may say. You cannot afford to miss a single second. You can run up and down and buy all the toys and the cute things you can think of and you can still stay at home and invent your own and the baby will find fascinating things to do. You can dress them up adorably and tie those cute baby headbands; still you need not worry about knowing how to make your special baby moments cozy and memorable.

How to take care of a baby

Taking care of a baby is not rocket science. You can actually go online and learn how to change their diapers, what to get them while you are still waiting to give birth, how to interpret their cries and laughter and how to make them occupied while you are doing other things but you as a mother will need that moment with your baby to be magical. To go with them everywhere you want looking cute in those baby tutus. It isn’t about all that but how your baby grows. What stimulates their growth, how will they learn and what should you as a parent do to help them learn. Probably a few notes on what your baby loves to have, play with or even do will help jog your thinking.

6 things babies love to have or play with

  • Toys

This may be a cliché, but that tiny toy truck always keeps them busy. They also love the building blocks, and how you would help them arrange their toys together. This is where they develop their motor skills from banging and throwing and going after their toys. You can tie a baby turban on their heads while they go about playing.

  • Pets

Animals have this magical attachment to babies. With pets at home, the babies get a sense of safety due to the love we show them. They think of them as good. We create a whole new and exciting world for them when we introduce them to the things we love most. Our enthusiasm is very contagious.

  • Car keys

It isn’t mostly what they can kick around for fun but what they can put in their mouth after they are done jangling them.

  • Box carrying the toy

Their fascination drifts to whatever carried the toys in the first place. Most babies would be caught trying to fit in them.

  • Laundry basket

Why this is so is quite hard to explain. They would literally climb onto the basket and out and feel like the fun doesn’t stop. It keeps them so occupied that they can actually fall asleep in the basket or even next to it.

  • Remote Control

This one goes straight into the mouth. No, not the one you have actually taken the batteries out or even made baby proof; that is quite boring.

6 things babies love to do

  • Staring at your face

Often you find that your new born is in deep sleep longer than anyone can. It’s pretty normal for them, which is why when they are not sleeping they are always staring at something. It is a way for them to familiarize with their environment. Mostly they are always gazing at your face since their eyes focus best at 8 to even 12 inches, which is approximately the distance between you and them when you cradle while feeding them. Your new born will mostly prefer looking at your face.

  • The red color

It is quite unusual but true. Most of our early child hood education on colors started with the most basic primary colors red, green, blue and yellow. Well guess what, from the black and white vision the baby notices red as its first color. They will often start to stare at anything with the red color like coke can, or even a red ribbon, a red baby turban you tied on their heads or red top you may be putting on. Kids will only detect bold primary colors before they begin to distinguish the wide range of colors in a spectrum.

  • Banging

Of course your baby is at a stage where they can actually hold things like their toys. They will tend to develop fine motor skills by slamming objects such as spoons or blocks on their chair tray. He or she gets to learn the effects like when they hit the tray it produces noise which will actually fascinate them.

  • Peekaboo

Your baby will definitely love to play this game. It is like an early hide-and-seek game which helps her to learn very important concepts. At 8 months, they will definitely know that when you are hiding behind a blanket and they cannot see you, you are still there chancing to come out and surprise them. Mostly at 10 months they will always lift the blanket to find you or the toy you may have hidden. When you put your hands behind your back they will go around you to look.

  • Mirror

A mirror is a fascinating object to babies. They get so intrigued by their reflection. They see their own face on the mirror and enjoy so much looking at it. However, before they get to learn that the reflection is theirs, they think the reflection is another baby and they smile back. It is at 18 months when they realize that the other baby is them. That is when you can teach them to dress up and tie those cute baby girl headbands and they will even start tying their own baby tutus and then spend the whole day staring.

  • Playing dress up

It is not how they saw it on TV being done but how they saw you doing it. They will want to dress like you, carry the handbag like you, put on makeup like you and pretend they are actually you. You can actually find some pretty dresses that could work with those baby tutus you saw somewhere. You can even get an awesome outfit that will go with a baby girl headband, and still make an awesome march for a baby turban. It is fashion for them also they look so adorable.

Taking care of a baby is not rocket science, neither is it about playing pretty with those cute baby turbans; instead, it is fun, exciting and adventurous. Something you can get the hang of in such a short time.



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